Visitor Comments

A few comments from those who have stayed here:

"This place has changed my life!"
Alain, France

"My heavenly Father has spoken many things as I have explored your beautiful surroundings. His presence is here"
Solveig, Sweden

"I've experienced real peace here - a peace that permeates tiredness and lifts burdens"
Nathalie, Bala

"I have been … daily blessed here in this playground of God's creation, adventuring, trusting and finding such joy"
Charlotte, Guildford

"Yet again the Lord has used this place to go very deep in my heart...and bring me His peace"
Simon, Watford

"My coming here has really changed my perception about God. God is really BIG, GREAT and more wonderful than I can imagine"
Gideon, Ghana

"What a place!" 
Monica and Halvard, Norway

"I have experienced God's presence and peace and had deep healing, the ripples from which, I sense, will extend far beyond my present knowing"
Ian, USA

"This is the kind of place that makes you yearn to stay"
Sharon, Singapore

"This is the camp of God! 'So he named that place "Mahanaim".
I have really enjoyed my encampment!
Paul, Australia

"This place will be a place of refreshing, revival of broken spirits, re-moulding, reaching, re-kindling - all that and more.  We sense a real peace and presence of God and find it very moving to be in such a place"
Nicky, Australia

"What a blessing to come away here for a week with the Lord.  It has been a beautiful week of fellowshipping with Him - He speaks in so many different ways - through mountain water, waterfalls, His word, the cross, the weather....I feel more prepared for the next season-  thank you!"
Chris, Watford